The importance of good content should never be underestimated. The copy on a website, a direct mail advertisement or even a packaging label, all serves to attract potential new customers and must be well considered if it is to have the desired effect. This is even more important for businesses that wish to venture into foreign markets – establishing the doubly tricky need for great copy creation in another language.

Localised communication strategies for brands
Not only does this copy need to communicate your brand and product succinctly, it needs to do so in a way that your target audience will understand, incorporating relevant local idioms – a skill that only an expert linguist possesses. 

Writing in accordance with your house style – or helping you to create one, if need be – our copywriters are experienced in producing any type of marketing collateral, whether translating your message specifically for digital platforms or for general publication. That service extends to producing the original English text from scratch or rewriting copy with guidance from your notes.

At Brightlines, our expert copywriters work in all major languages and scripts to create unique text which expertly conveys your tone of voice and authority within the industry.

Multilingual copywriting that retains your message
That's just the start, however. The approach that our team takes – and which differentiates us from standard translation agencies – is our commitment to transcreation: a process which ensures the new copy faithfully retains your key messages. We carefully consider every word, choosing the best local phrases to promote your point in a way that engages with international markets but stays resolutely true to your vision and values.

Naturally, this necessitates a close working relationship with you, the client, but through doing so, our specialists can guarantee all sentiments are adequately and appropriately transferred. This leaves our clients – some of whom are giant household names – in total confidence that the translated copy will hit the mark.

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