Josian Phillips and Neil Gauld founded Brightlines Translation Ltd in 1999.

Neil is the technology and operations left-hander, and Josian the creative communications and customer services right-hander.

Capable and experienced though we are, it is our team that makes Brightlines so good. The Brightlines team is extensive. Over 3000 (and rising) top-level linguists with specialist experience, human resources professionals, international SEO experts, content creators, tech-heads and mathematicians ensure we can always offer you the latest and most advanced translation technology. A group of ruthlessly efficient multilingual project managers with their eyes on the front line keep your work on track, on spec and on time – to exceptional standards.

The Brightlines team works to ensure your multilingual communications are always perfectly targeted and immaculately presented. At Brightlines we know your global reputation is paramount.

Brightlines has its head office in Wiltshire near the beautiful city of Bath. In 2014 it opened new offices in London and New York.