About Associated Press
Associated Press (AP) is the world’s largest independent producer and distributor of news. Unencumbered by government funding or private ownership, AP is free to make revolutionary leaps in the field of investigative journalism, placing it at the front line of major global breaking news as it happens. With a presence in over 230 locations worldwide, AP is at the heart of every major region.

Associated Press and Brightlines
Brightlines works extensively with AP, which trusts us with the translation and production of its EMEA marketing collateral and digital content. Recently Brightlines typeset and translated marketing material into Arabic, and translated a groundbreaking report about the importance of video news. Researched by GfK and produced by Deloitte, the report shows how global news is changing to cater for a younger audience as the use of smartphones and tablets increases. The importance of this report in the news world is difficult to underestimate, and its impact is significantly increased with translation and global distribution.

AP has made key breakthroughs for Western media, including the set-up of a multimedia centre in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. AP was in the prime position in the run-up to the death of Kim Jong Il, and was the first news organisation to publish an obituary as well as to cover events live. AP continues to work in North Korea, a notoriously difficult area for foreign news agencies in which to operate.

The working relationship between Brightlines and AP is a valuable one for both sides. Building and maintaining trust between ourselves and other companies is important in the translation industry, especially when a company is counting on an accurate translation into a language they are not native speakers of. For AP, being a global organisation, the elimination of language barriers is vital.

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