About Curzon Investment Property Consultants
Curzon Investment Property Consultants is a highly skilled team of chartered surveyors who are educated in surveying, economics, technology, English and architecture. This wide, yet focused set of skills has led Curzon to become the UK’s independent market leader in the field. Founded in 1996, Curzon’s objective was to specialise in home search and private property investment. Since then, Curzon has bought, refurbished, managed and let property all around the country, from modern apartments in Central London, to private estates, farms and sporting estates in the countryside.

Curzon Investment Property Consultants and Brightlines
Right from the start, Curzon has branched out to different countries around the world, including the USA, Australia and Switzerland. This process of globalisation requires some thought about translation, especially for the European market, where the languages spoken are numerous and diverse. Brightlines has provided key translation services for Curzon’s sales documents and internal commercial communications right across EMEA. This way, Curzon can communicate with its other departments and with the world outside – its clients.

The property market is no longer a region-specific business. Worldwide, Curzon is supplying private clients with valuable acquired real estate for the purposes of integral new developments. For example, Curzon is currently developing £650 million worth of luxury residential apartments in Mayfair and Chelsea, due to be completed in 2015. In order to attract the interest of foreign investors, the firm must provide extremely well-translated documents for distribution to the Middle Eastern market – many companies in the Middle East focus on property development in London as it has proven to be a market with considerable resilience. This is why the importance of these documents is so great; the Middle East is one of the key investors in the London property market today.

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