About Milupa
Milupa, part of Danone’s Numico subsidiary group, is a company which has been producing nutritious baby foods for over 70 years. Milupa is actively involved with development and research aimed at creating more balanced and wholesome food for babies and is part of a group which has subsidiaries in 16 countries worldwide, including Argentina and China. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Numico employs over 13,000 people and distributes its products globally. Innovators in the field of nutrition, Milupa provides natural sources of vitamins and minerals to its customers and has been taking care of children with special nutritional needs through their Metabolics line for more than 30 years.

Milupa and Brightlines
Milupa has chosen Brightlines to handle part of its global marketing strategy and ensure success through the development of websites and marketing collateral for the European market. Brightlines has a team of multilingual comminications experts and translators who specifically work in the fields of marketing and nutrition. This allows us to deliver highly informed translations which are a perfect fit for Milupa’s very particular needs. A specialisation in both the target language and the nature of the company is absolutely vital in order to deliver the high standards that world-class companies choose us for. Our full-service translation agency differs from others because it works alongside accomplished academics who advise on the content of the work produced.

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