Translation requirement
Multinational pharmaceutical company GSK created a groundbreaking internal communications programme to support the introduction of an innovative new company-wide production system.

The motivational ‘Driving winning performance’ programme involved a strategic partnership with Formula 1’s McLaren Group and was to be launched simultaneously around the world in 4 different languages.

Comprising a series of regional events based around local Formula 1 Grand Prix™ races and activities at GSK sites, the programme required high quality translation of a variety of communication materials.

Translation services
Brightlines was selected to provide a complete multilingual translation, proof-reading and desktop publishing service.

Working closely with GSK’s copywriting and graphic design teams, Brightlines produced multilingual training materials supporting race days, workshops and a ‘simulator challenge’ offering employees hands-on experience of Formula 1 through a replica McLaren Mercedes simulator.

A complete suite of digital and printed materials included an overview leaflet, employee booklet, facilitator’s guide and checklist for the simulator challenge, case studies, action review documents, posters and pull-up banners, plasma screens and table cards.

Translating more than 40,000 words into French, Italian, Polish and Spanish languages, Brightlines Translation provided GSK with a total of 20 different internal communication tools in a turnaround time of less than 2 weeks.

The McLaren-backed ‘Driving Winning Performance’ programme was instrumental in producing inspirational new ideas, fresh perspectives and business practices.  These are helping GSK to stay ahead of the competition and set new standards for its industry.

The internal communications programme enabled GSK employees throughout the world to learn from McLaren’s experience of innovating to solve problems, continuously improving processes to ensure global consistency and developing teamwork by sharing best practices.

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